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Completed Events 2017

August 23-30 Wed.-Wed.

Summer Seminar



Our Seventh Summer Seminar was held from August 23-30. We invited twelve students, and they were from National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan), Hannam University (Korea), Chiang Mai University (Thailand), Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology (Thailand), Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) and Hanoi Univ. of Science and Technology (Vietnam). TTI students and international students discussed "Smart Energy", had lectures and field trips, and made presentations at the end of the program. At "the Cultural Exchanging Diner", the international students dressed in their national costumes, and introduced their country. Japanese students, also dressed in Yukata, showed them how to play with the Japanese traditional toy Kendama, and how to make Origami.

• The Number of Participants (43)

July 6 Thu.

Report Meeting on Hisakata-Mapping



Students made a map of Hisakata area for the international students of TTI. They walked around TTI looking for useful information for visitors, and found a hospital, a pharmacy, a dry cleaners and laundry shop, and restaurants. "Hisakata- Mapping" is an E-SUP activity suitable for freshmen. They came to know about Hisakata very well by gathering information. The new map will be distributed to international students, including coming Summer Seminar's guest students.

• The Number of Participants (16)

June 18 Sun.

Excursion to Shirakawa-go



TTI students and international students visited a famous World Heritage, Shirakawa-go in Gifu prefecture. E-SUP students prepared an explanation of Shirakawa-go's history, Japanese old lifestyle, the difference between Shrines and Temples, nice places to have lunch, and other World Heritage sites in Japan.
Participants walked around the beautiful village, which makes you feel like traveling in the world of old Japanese tales, and enjoyed chatting to new friends.

• The Number of Participants (35)

May 18 Thu.

Spring Time Event



Our spring time event was prepared by E-SUP students. The party's purpose was to use English and interact with international students. We had three games that night: Uno, Roulette and Hedbanz. Though at first, E-SUP students thought it was difficult to explain the game rules in English, in the end, they found it became easier by using gestures and rephrasing difficult expressions in plain English.All the participants enjoyed the games and conversation.

• The Number of Participants (45)

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