Reference Consistent Reconstruction of 3D Cloth Surface

Norimichi Ukita   Takeo Kanade


We propose a multiview method for reconstructing a folded cloth surface on which regularly-textured color patches are printed. These patches provide not only easy pixel-correspondence between multiviews but also the following two new functions. 1) Error recovery: errors in 3D surface reconstruction (e.g. errors in occlusion boundaries and shaded regions) can be recovered based on the spatio-temporal consistency of the patches. 2) Single-view hole filling: patches that are visible only from a single view can be extrapolated from the reconstructed ones based on the regularity of the patches. Using these functions for improving 3D reconstruction also produces the patch configuration on the reconstructed surface, showing how the cloth is deformed from its reference shape. Experimental results demonstrate the above improvements and the accurate patch configurations produced by our method.