Region Extraction of a Gaze Object
using the Gaze Point and View Image Sequences

Norimichi Ukita   Tomohisa Ono   Masatsugu Kidode


Analysis of the human gaze is a basic way to investigate human attention. Similarly, the view image of a human being includes the visual information of what he/she pays attention to. This paper proposes an interface system for extracting the region of an object viewed by a human from a view image sequence by analyzing the history of gaze points. All the gaze points, each of which is recorded as a 2D point in a view image, are transfered to an image in which the object region is extracted. These points are then divided into several groups based on their colors and positions. The gaze points in each group compose an initial region. After all the regions are extended, outlier regions are removed by comparing the colors and optical flows in the extended regions. All the remaining regions are merged into one in order to compose a gaze region.

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