Path Planning Method for Articulated Robot by Interference Calculation Using Separating Plane

For assembly works of mechanical parts using industrial robots, teaching playback on the shop floor and off-line teaching on the computer are used. While technology of calculating the path of a robot automatically is in the stage of research.

We suppose speed of interference calculation using separating plane. At first, we classify the attributes of cells in configuration space (C-Space) which represents the discreet orientation of robot, by the nature of gseparating planeh that two disjoint convex solids in 3-space can always be separated by a plane which is parallel to a face of either solid, or parallel to an edge from each solid. The attributes of cells are classified such as white (only free space into C-Space), black (only interference space into C-Space), and gray (free and interference space are mixed). Next, we implement two steps path detection based on fast marching method by using the result of classification of the attributes of cells. According to this method, a path detection using white cells is taken first priority. If we canft detect a path using cells of white attribute, we detect a path using white cells and cells made by subdividing gray cells.

Fig.1 Work Space

Fig.2 Attributes of Cellin C-Space
Fig.3 Separating Plane

Fig.4 Interference Calculation