Haptic Navigation System for Real-time Surface Modification

CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems have been widely used because the abilities of computers progress. And the progress of CAD systems make it possible to design a model in three-dimensional space and see its photo-realistic rendered images on the display. But the images of the model are still two-dimensional because they are projected on the two-dimensional plane. Currently, we cannot manipulate the model feeling the haptic sensation of it in CAD systems. Hence designers have to make prototype models to evaluate its three-dimensional shape. The system is desired which we can manipulate models in the virtual space.

In this research, we propose interactive environments which use the virtual reality technology. It consists of “Stereoscopic display device” and “Haptic device” (PHANToM). We can manipulate a model looking at the stereoscopic image of the model and feeling its haptic sensation in our system. We apply the system to the modification of free-form surfaces using correction functions which we have proposed. As the result of evaluating our system, we find that it is superior to the conventional ones in the “perception” and “manipulatability” of the shapes of surfaces.

[Cover shot of our system] [screenshot]