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  2. Here is the list of Toyota Technological Institute Discussion Paper Series. ISSN 2432-7921

    Vol. 1No. 05-1Kumano, Satoru et al.The 4th Field Research Report: the Society for the Baltic Rim Region Studies (in Japanese)March 2005
    Vol. 2No. 06-1Asano, KoziJohn Locke's Theory of Private Property: A Critical Reconstruction (in Japanese)March 2006
    Vol. 3No. 3Asano, KoziIs Inheritance Morally Justified? (in Japanese)May 2009
    Vol. 4No. 4Asano, KoziMcCaffery against the Estate Tax (in Japanese)June 2009
    Vol. 5No. 5Asano, KoziA Criticism of Morimura's Argument against Inheritance (in Japanese)Apr. 2010
    Vol. 6No. 6Asano, KoziLibertarian Arguments for and against the Sales of Organs (in Japanese)Nov. 2011
    Vol. 7No. 7Asano, KoziP. Singer on Our Duty to Assist the Distant Needy (in Japanese)Jan. 2013
    Vol. 8No. 8Asano, KoziA Critical Examination of J. Rawls's View on International Assistance (in Japanese)Mar. 2014
    Vol. 9No. 9Asano, KoziT. Pogge and D. Miller on Global (International) Justice (in Japanese)Mar. 2015
    Vol. 10No. 10Asano, KoziCarruthers' Contractarian Arguments Against the Moral Standing of Animals (in Japanese)Jan. 2016
    Vol. 11No. 11Asano, KoziAgainst Animal Experiments Feb. 2016
    Vol. 12No. 12Asano, KoziCan Degrees of Personhood Provide an Ethics of Animal Experiments? (in Japanese)Mar. 2016
    Vol. 13No. 13Asano, KoziLeft-Libertarian Theory of Justice (in Japanese)May 2016
    Vol. 14No. 14Asano, KoziEthics of Animal Experiments (in Japanese)Feb. 2017
    Vol. 15No. 15Asano, KoziDevelopment of Factory Farming (in Japanese)Oct. 2017
    Vol. 16No. 16Kubota, SayuriUnnecessary Harm to Animals and Factory Farming (in Japanese)Feb. 2018

    Toyota Technological Institute Discussion Paper is a print journal.
    If you wish to have a hard copy of Vols. 2-16 of the journal, please let me know. I will send you a hard copy for free.

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