PPS-28, Dec 11-15, 2012, Pattaya, Thailand

Awarded Toyoaki Scholarship Foundation, December 5.

Internship at the University of Akron, from Aug. 2 to Sep. 22.

ISAEM-2012, November 5-8, Toyohashi, Japan.

Welcome party in INASHIGE on September 18

Farewell and welcome party in KIMURAYA on June 20

61st SPSJ Annual Meeting, May 29-31, 2012, Yokohama, Japan

PPS Americas Conference 2012, May 21-24, 2012, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Farewell party for Dr John in Shiki-tei on May 11

Graduation ceremony on March 22

Welcome & farewell party in Suzunoren on March 21

6th master degree presentation and 4th lecture meeting held by Chubu brance of the Society of Rheology, Japan in Toyota Technological insutitute on March 1