Welcome to the Quantum Interface Laboratory, TTI

Micro PL image of colloidal CdSe quantum dots spun coat on glass slide.
The colors of the individual QDs represent the degree of quantum confinement, i.e., their size.
(Collaboration between Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. and RIKEN)


        We are seeking for qualified students.  Please contact I. Kamiya by e-mail.
           Undergraduates : Please contact IK by e-mail.
              Prerequisites : Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechnics, Statistical Mechanics.
           Graduate Students (MS, Ph.D.) :
              You will also need to take admission exams.
                  MS: Sep. 8 & 9, 2015   Ph.D. : Please contact IK by e-mail

        Scholarships are available at all levels, the Ph.D. candidates, in particular.
        We are also seeking for collaboration and funded research.  Please contact IK by e-mail

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