Dept. of Advanced Science and Technology

Department of Advanced Science and Technology

The department aims at raising engineers and scientists with solid knowledge and creativity who would willingly challenge and solve a variety of difficult technological problems. For this purpose, the emphasis of the curriculum is placed on interdisciplinary and experiential studies in order to develop the basic skills and knowledge to work in the industries together with a global view.
The Institute only has the department of "Advanced Science and Technology" so that the students can study multidiscipline including mechanical engineering, electric/electronic and information engineering, and materials science and engineering. This provides an excellent opportunity for the students to develop a wide view to expand their horizon that would lead them to novel engineering frontiers.


Emphasis on fundamental studies; interdisciplinary; experiential studies; fundamentals for engineers; global view.

The three disciplines in Department of Advanced Science and Technology

Mechanical Systems Engineering

For exploring unique mechanical systems, subjects such as applied mechanics, fluid dynamics, mechatronics, or processing are studied, with which fundamental understanding of phenomena caused by heat, wind, or water is achieved.

Electronics and Information Engineering

Information systems, networks, robotics, and optoelectronic devices are investigated using electronic circuits, software engineering, control engineering, or informatics and communications. Fundamental knowledge for studying the frontiers of these disciplines will be acquired during the course.

Materials Science and Engineering

Studies on novel materials and energy are performed based on quantum mechanics, solid state physics, polymers or nanotechnology. Investigating the fundamental nature of materials is also the subject of these studies.

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