Unique Educational Program

Education based on a small classroom

At TTI there is an average of 10 students per faculty, compared to the average for private universities of 20 students per instructor, thus enabling thoroughly detailed instruction.
With doctoral students receiving close to one-on-one guidance and each student being assigned an academic advisor, students' education at TTI goes far beyond just academics. Our target is to become the Institute with the smallest distance between our students and faculty in all of Japan.

Emphasis on hands-on experience

Engineering as a practical discipline requires education that focuses on actual hands-on experience.
Students at TTI receive a balance of on-campus training in courses such as 'Engineering Literacy', 'Engineering Laboratories', 'Engineering Seminars' and off-campus training through internship programs at some of the world's top industries.
All first and third year students spend a month learning various skills at an actual industrial production site.
Students may also enroll in a short-term master's course at TTI at Chicago.

Practice of comprehensive interdisciplinary 'Cutting-edge Hybrid Engineering'

Since the opening of TTI in 1981, education here has been continually moving towards becoming more and more integrated.
The foresight for the trend towards integration has certainly proved valuable and we will continue to accelerate our efforts in this direction. Stepping up to the demands faced in reality, our Institute put forth the unique idea of 'Cutting-edge Hybrid Engineering', whereby existing disciplines aspire towards working together and creating new interdisciplinary fields.

All first year undergraduate students are required to live on-campus in the university dormitories

TTI has student dormitory. Hisakata dormitory is residence hall mainly for freshmen, and Second Hisakata dormitory is for women and graduate students. Since the establishment of TTI, Hisakata dormitory has been promoting students learning in an affirming atmosphere. All the freshmen are required to live in the dormitory. This rule is rare in Japan.
All rooms are single rooms. Eight students who live on the same floor make a group called a ‘unit’. Each floor has a lounge called a ‘common room’ for ‘unit’ members.
Each floor of our dormitory has an upper-class student, known as a ‘supporter’, who supports the learning and school life of first-year students. We also have various committees in the dormitory. Every student plays a role in his or her committee. Students acquire a sense of cooperativeness, a sense of responsibility and leadership skills through their dormitory life, which will help them achieve personal progress.

Continuous 6 year curriculum

The undergraduate and master's degree programs are linked together into a coherent 6 year program. In a student's first year of their undergraduate degree, they study a broad range of fundamentals, with subjects becoming more and more specialized by their second and third year.
By their 4th year, they must decide whether they will continue on to the master's degree program at TTI or graduate and enter the workforce.
Students choosing to continue their education will start taking courses which emphasize basic fundamentals required for a smooth progression to their master's degree studies, while students looking for employment will focus their studies on research. Each year is split into two semesters.

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