Employment Opportunity

Tenure-Track system

updated on Sep 20, 2013

The employment of faculty members at TTI is, in general, on a tenure-track basis. The details are as follows:

1.Trial period of employment

・The trial period of employment for a tenure-track faculty member is up to 5 years.
・A tenure-track faculty member is required to obtain tenure within four and a half years during the trial period.


2.Midterm assessment

・A tenure-track faculty member should take a midterm assessment by the end of his or her third year of employment.

3.Request for assessment

・A tenure-track faculty member should submit a request for a tenure assessment on the designated form.
・The request can be submitted by not only the faculty member but also other nominators who recommend the faculty member for tenure.


4.Tenure assessment

・Tenure assessment is conducted in accordance with the specified procedure.
・A tenure-track faculty member who does not pass the tenure assessment can request a re-assessment, multiple times. The final request for the assessment should be made within four years of employment.



・A tenure-track faculty member may request for preferential treatment, including allocation of research budgets and an employment quota for postdoctoral fellows.
・A faculty member may object to the result of his or her assessment through the designated procedures only once and no later than after four and a half years of employment.
・TTI concerns the time of the assessment in cases of health problems or other reasons, however the employment period should not exceed 5 years if a tenure-track faculty member fails to obtain the tenure.


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