iPlaza ( International Communication Plaza )

Completed Events 2019

June 16 Sun.

Excursion to Ise Shrine



iPlaza invited International students and PDs on a tour to Ise Jingu.
The E-SUP students made an English guidebook, and explained about Ise Jingu, its history, manners at the shrine, and local specialties on the bus ride. At Naiku, they led the tour as an "English tour guide". In the afternoon, the participants enjoyed local foods and shopping at Oharaimachi.

• The Number of Participants (28)

May 16 Thu.

Discover a New Culture



Participants enjoyed mini presentations over a cup of tea and snacks. The International students and PDs talked about subjects such as "Famous Sport in France & French Food", "Russian Trains", "New Habits of Vietnamese Society", "The 10 Forms of French Art" and "Prom in America". The E-SUP students talked about "Japanese Blend Tea", "Tsukudani", "Catching Bugs", "Ukai" and "Animal Café".

• The Number of Participants (18)

April 11 Thu.

iPlaza Welcome Party



iPlaza invited freshmen, new international students, and PDs to the "Welcome Party", which was our first event this semester. E-SUP students introduced activities at iPlaza and how to use this international communication lounge. They also prepared a game, "Profile Bingo", which helped participants to know each other. More than 40 students enjoyed their first day at iPlaza.

• The Number of Participants (50)

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