iPlaza ( International Communication Plaza )

Completed Events 2019

May 16 Thu.

Discover a New Culture



Participants enjoyed mini presentations over a cup of tea and snacks. The International students and PDs talked about subjects such as "Famous Sport in France & French Food", "Russian Trains", "New Habits of Vietnamese Society", "The 10 Forms of French Art" and "Prom in America". The E-SUP students talked about "Japanese Blend Tea", "Tsukudani", "Catching Bugs", "Ukai" and "Animal Café".

• The Number of Participants (18)

April 11 Thu.

iPlaza Welcome Party



iPlaza invited freshmen, new international students, and PDs to the "Welcome Party", which was our first event this semester. E-SUP students introduced activities at iPlaza and how to use this international communication lounge. They also prepared a game, "Profile Bingo", which helped participants to know each other. More than 40 students enjoyed their first day at iPlaza.

• The Number of Participants (50)

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