iPlaza ( International Communication Plaza )

iPlaza(International Communication Plaza)

iPlaza opened as a facility to cultivate human resources globally active and to broaden students' international outlook.

The purpose of iPlaza is for the following 3 reasons.

1. A Place for learning English.
2. A Place for people to mingle with foreign exchange students and postdoctoral fellows.
3. A Place for a cross cultural experiences and an introduction to Japanese culture.

Everyone is welcome at iPlaza!

iPlaza has various kinds of activities such as English conversation workshops, parties and excursions.




1. Lunch-time Chatting
The only requirement is to speak in English during lunch!
If you are interested in this activity come and join us.
Don't forget to bring your lunch!

Date Monday to Friday
Time 12:05-12:50
Instructor Mr. Greg Gagnon, Mr. Timothy Phillips, Teaching Assistants, and other English teachers at TTI



2. Lunch-time Talk
Professors, researchers, and international students at TTI talk about their experience abroad and research projects.

Date Once a month
Time 12:10-12:50
Instructor TTI's professors, researchers, and international students



3. iPlaza Café
Mr. Gagnon and Mr. Phillips offer coffee and tea with biscuits. Participants can enjoy conversation over a nice cup of tea.

Date Every Thursday
Time 15:00-16:00
Fee 100 Yen
Instructor Mr. Gagnon or Mr. Phillips

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