May.20, 2014

iPlaza Lunchtime Talk

May30 Fri,12:10-­‐12:50

Prof.Keisuke Fujisaki
Electromagnetic Energy System Laboratory

 Electrical Vehicle and Future Technology

【Short preliminary abstract】 
 A great transportation revolution from inner combustion engine driven to electrical motor driven is in progress in automobile technology. This trend is also observed in ship or locomotive, and airplane or helicopter application is in researching. Combined with the progress of the battery technology, the power electronics technology which can control the voltage and frequency instantly becomes the big key technique. The power electronics make it possible to realize a motor drive control by using a power semiconductor as a switch function, and its technological progress creates a new technical domain such as high frequency magnetism. The super-conduction linear motor car, which is expected to be a future train, has superior characteristics as high speed running of 500km/h as well as the ultimate low loss means of transportation. In this lecture, an outline about the prospects of such a future means of transportation and a research theme in the realization is shown.

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