Jun.24, 2014

iPlaza Lunchtime Talk

June 27 Fri,12:10-­‐12:50

Prof.Masatoshi Shimoda
Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Computer aided shape optimum design of various structures

【Short preliminary abstract】 
The designs with curved surfaces attract designers and users and have strong influences on structural properties such as rigidity, strength and vibration dynamically. In the background of the recent development of CAD and simulation technology, free-form surface designs attract attention. Although the appropriate surface design contributes to aesthetic values, lightweighting and improvement of structural properties, the inappropriate one causes a change for the worse. In addition, it troubles designers how they define surfaces in the design problem. We have studied a free-form optimization technique for determining the optimal surface of various structures without any shape parameterization in our laboratory. For various structures in industrial products, we aim at the improvement of the structural properties. It is necessary to perform a large-capacity calculation at high speed, and the development of the system using a computer is indispensable. I will introduce the summary of the study with calculated examples in this lunchtime talk.

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