R&D Project of Next-Generation High-Efficiency PV Generation System Technologies Supported by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Research Consortium for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells


Started on 2010
Director :Professor Yoshio Ohshita

Research Outline

Today, crystalline Si solar cells account for about 80% of the solar cell market. To expand the solar cell market, it is essential to increase the conversion efficiency and to reduce cost of solar cells. This project focuses on conducting consistent R&D for the manufacture of crystalline Si solar cells from the production of raw materials and crystal growth process, to the solar cell fabrication process, in collaboration with many universities, national research institutions, and companies. This project will help solve energy and environmental problems in the future.


Prof. Yoshio Ohshita
Invited Research Fellow Yutaka Hayashi
Assist. Prof. Nobuaki Kojima

[Quantum Interface]
Prof. Itaru Kamiya

Special Assoc. Prof. Jun Ohsawa

Research Themes

High-efficiency and low-cost crystalline Si solar cells

Background and Objective

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