Research Center for Smart Energy Technologies


Established : 2012
Director :Professor Yoshio Ohshita

Research Outline

This center aims at developing smart energy technologies for sustainable society. We integrate science and technologies of "generation", "control" and "conversion and storage" of energy. Our research focuses on (1) photoelectric conversion devices and systems, (2) control of electric power network, (3) high efficiency energy conversion and new electric energy storage.


[Semiconductor Laboratory]
Professor Yoshio Ohshita
Lecturer Nobuaki Kojima

[Quantum Interface Laboratory]
Professor Itaru Kamiya
Assistant Professor Roca,Ronel Christian

[Materials Science and Engineering Laboratories]
Professor Tsunehiro Takeuchi
Associate Professor Masaharu Matsunami

[Surface Science Laboratory]
Professor Masamichi Yoshimura
Associate Professor Masanori Hara

[Electromagnetic Energy System Laboratory]
Professor Keisuke Fujisaki
Assistant Professor NGUYEN,Gia Minh Thao

[Heat and Energy System Laboratory]
Professor Kenji Takeno

[Functional Ceramics Laboratory]
Lecturer Shuichi Arakawa

[Catalytic Organic Chemistry]
Professor Yukihiro Motoyama

[Advanced Electron Devices Laboratory]
Professor Naotaka Iwata

[Control System Laboratory]
Associate Professor Michihiro Kawanishi
Distinguished Professor Tatsuo Narikiyo

Research Themes

Ultra thin crystalline silicon solar cell
Super-high efficiency concentrator multi-junction solar cells
Next generation solar cell and materials
Controller design of electric power network by Beowulf cluster calculation
Conversion and storage technologies combining semiconductor and magnetic materials
Thermal analysis and design for high-efficient energy utilization
Microscopic study of electrode catalyst for high efficiency battery


[Research and development of high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells and materials]

-Ultra-thin crystalline silicon solar cells

-Carrier selective contact solar cells

-Analysis of defects and impurities in polycrystalline silicon

[Research and development of ultra-high efficiency III-V compound solar cells and materials]

-III-V compounds on silicon solar cells

-Low-cost III-V compound thin-film solar cells

-Novel materials for high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells

-Defect analysis of multi-junction solar cells and materials



[Research and development of next-generation solar cells and materials]

-Solar cells with quantum structures

-Strained lattice solar cell materials & structures

-Local electronic property analyses of solar cell electrodes


[Development of environmentally friendly, high-performance materials and devices usable for thermal management]

-Investigation into the factors greatly affecting thermoelectric properties

-Construction of a guiding principle for developing practical thermoelectric materials

-Development of environmentally friendly, high-performance thermoelectric materials

-Development of thermal diodes and heat flow switching devices


[Microscopic research on catalytic electrode materials for the development of high-efficiency batteries]

-Design and synthesis of nanocarbon materials

-Nanoscale characterization of local surface structures

-In situ nanoscopic observation of electrochemical reaction on the electrodes


[Electrical Power and Conversion technology by fusion science of magnetic material and power semiconductor]

denji-01 denji-02

[Combustion technology and thermal design technology for highly efficient use of energy]


[Research on fast ion-conducting ceramics for improving performance of batteries and fuel cells]

-Texture control of ion-conducting ceramics taking notice of anisotropic ionic conduction

-Search for novel structural families showing fast ionic conduction

-Research on ion-conducting ceramics for Intermediate temperature fuel cells

-Analysis of ion conduction mechanism by solid-state NMR


[Development of Metal Cluster Catalysts directed towards Regeneration of Energy Storage Materials]


[Development of low-cost, high-functionality semiconductor devices that operate with high efficiency for the energy conservation society]

-Compound semiconductor heterojunction power devices

-Ultra-low power consumption semiconductor devices and systems




[Controller design of electric power network by Beowulf cluster calculation]


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