Multi-sensor data and information fusion; DPHM for complex system; machine vision; image processing and pattern recongnition, measurement and inspection.

[Professor] Zheng Liu

Basic Information



Laboratory Name

Intelligent Information Processing Laboratory

Research Fields

Multi-sensor data and information fusion; DPHM for complex system; machine vision; image processing and pattern recongnition, measurement and inspection.


Information fusion, machine vision, pattern recognition, DPHM, NDT&E.


E-mail Address

Academic Background

Doctor of Engineering (Kyoto University 2000); Ph.D. (University of Ottawa, 2007)

Work History

Professor, Toyota Technological Institute (Nagoya) (April 2012-Present)
Visiting Professor, Fuzhou University (Fuzhou, P.R.China) (2010-Present)
Adjunct Professor, University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON Canada) (October 2008-Present)
Research Officer, National Research Council Canada (Ottawa, ON Canada) (April 2002-April 2012)
Governmental Laboratory Visiting Fellow, National Research Council Canada (Ottawa, ON Canada) (April 2001-March 2002)
Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) (April 2000-March 2001)

Membership of Academic Societies

Senior Member, IEEE (Signal Processing Society, Instrumentation and Measurement Society)
Member, SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics)

Social Activities

2008-Present: Associate Editor, Machine Vision and Applications (Springer)
2010-Present: Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (IEEE)
2011-Present: Editorial Board Member, Information Fusion (Elsevier)

Research Themes

Multi-sensor image fusion and fusion performance assessment
Diagnostics, prognostics, and health management of complex systems
Information processing and understanding for smart vehicle application
Sensor fault detection and validation
Pedetrian detection and classification

Original Papers

[Academic Year]2012
[Articles]Objective assessment of multiresolution fusion algorithms for context enhancement in night vision: A comparative study
[Author]Z. Liu, E. Blasch, Z. Xue, J. Zhao, R. Laganière, and W. Wu
[Date of Issue]2012/1
[journal]IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 34, no. 1, pp. 94-109

[Academic Year]2011
[Articles]Learning-based super resolution using kernel partial least squares
[Author]W. Wu, Z. Liu, and X. He
[Date of Issue]2011
[journal]Image and Vision Computing, vol. 29, pp. 394-406

[Academic Year]2008
[Articles]A feature-based metric for the quantitative evaluation of image fusion
[Author]Z. Liu, D. S. Forsyth, and R. Laganière
[Date of Issue]2008
[journal]Computer Vision and Image Understanding, vol. 109, no. 1, pp. 56-68

[Academic Year]2007
[Articles]The use of phase congruence measurement for image similarity assessment
[Author]Z. Liu and R. Laganière
[Date of Issue]2007
[journal]Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 166-172

[Academic Year]2002
[Articles]Using multiple orientational filters of steerable pyramid for image registration
[Author]Z. Liu, Y. K. Ho, K. Tsukada, K. Hanasaki, Y. P. Dai, and L. Q. Li
[Date of Issue]2002/9
[journal]Information Fusion, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 203-214

[Academic Year]2001
[Articles]Image fusion by using steerable pyramid
[Author]Z. Liu, K. Tsukada, K. Hanasaki, Y. K. Ho, and Y. P. Dai
[Date of Issue]2001/6
[journal]Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 22, no. 9, pp. 928-937


[Academic Year]2010
[Articles]Concealed weapon detection: data fusion perspective(Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information, and Communication, vol. 7, no. 7, pp. 196-209)
[Author]Z. Liu, Z. Xue, T. Macuda, D. S. Forsyth, and R. Laganière
[Date of Issue]2010/7

[Academic Year]2007
[Articles]Survey: State of the art of NDE data fusion(IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, vol. 56, no. 6, pp. 2435-2451)
[Author]Z. Liu, D. S. Forsyth, J. P. Komorroski, K. Hanasaki, and K. Kiruba
[Date of Issue]2007/12


[Academic Year]2011
[Books]Machine Intelligence and Biometrics, chapter 4: Fusion with Infrared Images for An Improved Performance and Perception, High Education Press and Springer
[Author/Editor]Z. Liu and W. Wu
[Date of Issue]2011/5

[Academic Year]2009
[Books]Nondestructive Testing Handbook: Visual Testing, vol. 9, chapter 7: Machine Vision for Visual Testing, ASNT Inc.
[Author/Editor]Z. Liu and H. Ukida
[Date of Issue]2009

[Academic Year]2008
[Books]Robot Vision: New Research, chapter 10: On the Fusion of Multi-Sensor Images: the Multiresolution Approaches, Nova Science Publishers Inc.
[Author/Editor]Z. Liu and J. Z. Yang
[Date of Issue]2008

[Academic Year]2005
[Books]Multi-Sensor Image Fusion and Its Applications, Signal Processing and Communications. Taylor & Francis
[Author/Editor]Rick S. Blum and Z. Liu
[Date of Issue]2005

[Academic Year]2001
[Books]Applications of NDT Data Fusion, chapter 5: Fusion of Ultrasonic Images for 3-D Reconstruction of Internal Flaws in Welds, Kluwer Academic Publisher
[Author/Editor]X. E. Gros and Z. Liu
[Date of Issue]2001

Conference Presentations

[Academic Year]2011
[Academic Society]IEEE National Aerospace and Electronics Conference (NAECON)
[Speakers]E. P. Blasch and Z. Liu
[Date of Presentation]2011/7
[Paper title]LANDSAT satellite image fusion metric assessment

[Academic Year]2007
[Academic Society]International Workshop on Video Processing and Recognition
[Speakers]Z. Liu and R. Laganière
[Date of Presentation]2007
[Paper title]Registration of IR and EO video sequence based on frame difference

[Academic Year]2006
[Academic Society]IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing
[Speakers]Z. Liu and R. Laganière
[Date of Presentation]2006/5
[Paper title]On the use of phase congruency to evaluate image similarity

[Academic Year]2005
[Academic Society]IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference
[Speakers]Z. Liu, M. Genest, B. Roge, D. S. Forsyth, and A. Marincak
[Date of Presentation]2005/5
[Paper title]Quantifying enhanced visual inspection by using a laser displacement sensor

[Academic Year]2004
[Academic Society]Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
[Speakers]J. Y. Zhao, Z. Liu, and R. Laganière
[Date of Presentation]2004
[Paper title]Digital watermarking by using a feature-based multi-wavelet fusion approach

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