Motor drive system, Electromangetic energy, Power electronics, Linear motor, Muli-scale of magnetic body, Multi-physucs of electromagnetif field, Electromagnetic fuision technology

[Professor] Keisuke Fujisaki

Basic Information

Keisuke Fujisaki


Doctor of Engineering

Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Electromagnetic Energy System Laboratory

Research Fields

Motor drive system, Electromangetic energy, Power electronics, Linear motor, Muli-scale of magnetic body, Multi-physucs of electromagnetif field, Electromagnetic fuision technology


E-mail Address

Academic Background

Graduate school of engineering, University of Tokyo, Doctor course (1986/03)

Work History

Professor, Graduate school of Engineering, Toyota Technological Institute (2010/04/01-now)
Visiting professor, Graduate school of enviromental science, Touhoku University(2003-2009)
Visiting professor, Ohita University (2002-2003)
Nippon steel corporation (1986-2010)

Membership of Academic Societies

Chairperson of Semiconductor power converter subcommittee, IEEJ (Institue of electrical Engineering of Japan) Industry Application Society (2010/04-2011/03)
Vice chairperson (2009/04-2010/03), Secretary (2005/04-2010/04).
Chief of 41 section, Handbook of electrical engineering, IEEJ (2010/03-now)
Technical Program Committee Member of IPEC-Sapporo2010(Int. Power Electronics) (2010)
Technical Program Committee member of ICEMS(Int. Conf. Electrical Machines & Systems) (2009), (2006)
Coordinotor of magnetic application technology symposium (2011, 2012)
Lecture of advanced course ""FNumerical calculation of fluid dynamics"", ISIJ(Iron and Steel Institue of Japan) (2012/02)
Lecture of steel making technology seminor ""Transport phenomena"", ISIJ(2008/01-2011/03)

Research Themes

Application of electromagnetic energy system on linear motor car, material processing

Electromagnetic energy system for environmental load reduction technique

Mutual interaction between electromagnetic energy and material

Motor drive system with power electronics for electrical vehicle

Original Papers

[Academic Year]2012
[Articles]Shape Anisotropy of Electromagnetic Materials in Application of Microwave by Micro-sized Numerical Electromagnetic Field Calculation,
[Author]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Issue]2012/3/1
[journal]ISIJ International, Vol. 52, No.3, pp.350-354

[Academic Year]2012
[Articles]Appearance of Fractal Cord Patterns in Numerical Calculation of Magnetically Anisotropic Material
[Author]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Issue]2012/2/1
[journal]IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 48, No.2, pp. 183 - 186

[Academic Year]2010
[Articles]Downward Flow Diffusion and Meniscus Flow by Means of Electromagnetic Stirring
[Author]Keisuke Fujisaki, Yasushi Tomizaw (Taiheikougyou)
[Date of Issue]2010/12/1
[journal]Journal of Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 365-369

[Academic Year]2010
[Articles]3D Magnetic Field Numerical Calculation by Equivalent B-H Method for Magnetic Field Mitigation
[Author]Keisuke Fujisaki, M. Fujikura, Jiro Mino, Shouji Satou
[Date of Issue]2010/5/1
[journal]IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, pp. 1147-1153, No.5, Vol. 46,

[Academic Year]2010
[Articles]Comparison of Magnetic Field Analysis Methods Considering Magnetic Anisotropy
[Author]Teruyuki Tamaki, Keisuke Fujisaki, Kiyoshi Wajima, Kouji Fujiwara
[Date of Issue]2010/2/1
[journal]IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol. 46, No.2, pp. 187-190

Conference Presentations

[Academic Year]2012
[Academic Society]The XXth ICEM (International Conference on Electrical Machines) 2012, in Marseille
[Speakers]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Presentation]2012/9/2

[Academic Year]2012
[Academic Society]Intermag2012 (International Magnetics Conference), GV-12, Vancouver,
[Speakers]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Presentation]2012/5/10

[Academic Year]2011
[Academic Society]The 20th MAGDA Conference in Pacific Asia
[Speakers]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Presentation]2011/11/15

[Academic Year]2011
[Academic Society]SMM20(The 20th Soft Magnetic Materials Conference 2011)
[Speakers]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Presentation]2011/11/15

[Academic Year]2011
[Academic Society]COMPUMAG2011 conferences, Sydney,
[Speakers]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Presentation]2011/11/15

[Academic Year]2011
[Academic Society]INTERMAG2011(IEEE International Magnetics Conference) in Taipei
[Speakers]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Presentation]2011/9/22

Invited Lectures

[Academic Year]2010
[Lecture]Technical meeting of microwave processing, ISIJ
[Speakers]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Lecture]2010/12/16

[Academic Year]2010
[Lecture]Fundamental of magneti material for high efficiency electrical motor
[Speakers]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Date of Lecture]2010/9/27


[Academic Year]2009
[prize]Shiraishi memorial proze, Iron and steel institue of Japan.
[Prize Winner]Keisuke Fujisaki
[Award-Winning Date]2010/3/28

[Academic Year]2007
[prize]Education award of graduate school of environmental science, Touhoku university
[Prize Winner]Morihiro Ichita, Keisuke Fujisaki, Shn-ichi Hayashi
[Award-Winning Date]2008/3

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