Low-cost high-functionality semiconductor devices with high efficiency operation for the energy conservation society

[Professor] Naotaka Iwata

Basic Information

Naotaka Iwata


Doctor (Engineering)

Laboratory Name

Advanced Electron Devices Laboratory

Research Fields

Low-cost high-functionality semiconductor devices with high efficiency operation for the energy conservation society


compound semiconductor, semiconductor devices, fabrication process, low energy consumption

E-mail Address

Academic Background

Doctor (Engineering), Universiy of Tsukuba (1999/3/25)

Work History

Professor, Toyota Technological Institute (2013/4-Present)
Manager, Renesas Electronics Corporation (2010/4/1-2013/3/31)
Manager, NEC Electronics Corporation (2006/4/1-2010/3/31)
Manager, NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Corporation (2001/10/1-2006/3/31)
Researcher, NEC Corporation (1983/4/1-2001/9/30)

Membership of Academic Societies

Senior Member, IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Senior Member, IEICE (the Institute of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers, Japan)
Member, JSAP (the Japan Society of Applied Physics)

Research Themes

Compound semiconductor heterojunction devices on Si substrates
Compound semiconductor sensors with new functionality
Ultra-low energy consumption semiconductor devices and systems

Original Papers

[Academic Year]2014
[Articles]Formation of conductive spontaneous via holes in AlN buffer layer on n+Si substrate by filling the vias with n-AlGaN by metal organic chemical vapor deposition and application to vertical deep ultraviolet photo-sensor
[Author]N. Kurose, N. Iwata, I. Kamiya, and Y. Aoyagi
[Date of Issue]2014/12
[journal]AIP Advances 4, 123007


[Academic Year]2009
[Articles]GaAs Switch ICs for Cellular Phone Antenna Impedance Matching
[Author]N.Iwata, and M.Fujita
[Date of Issue]2009/3/19


[Academic Year]2002
[Books]Microwave Technology Lecture Vol.6, "Integrated Circuit and Application," Chapter 3
[Author/Editor]N. Iwata
[Date of Issue]2002/6/25

Conference Presentations

[Academic Year]2014
[Academic Society]the 2014 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials
[Speakers]K. Ozeki, N. Kurose, N. Iwata, K. Shibano, T. Araki, I. Kamiya, and Y. Aoyagi
[Date of Presentation]2014/9/11

Invited Lectures

[Academic Year]2013
[Lecture]Research and development of compound semiconductor heterojunction devices -application to mobile terminals and base stations for mobile communication systems- (in Japanese)
[Speakers]N. Iwata
[Date of Lecture]2013/9/24


[Academic Year]2004
[prize]The Unversity of Electro-Communications Alumni Prize
[Prize Winner]N. Iwata
[Award-Winning Date]2004/4/7

[Academic Year]2003
[prize]The Commendation by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a Person of Scientific and Technological Research Merits
[Prize Winner]N. Iwata
[Award-Winning Date]2003/4/17

[Academic Year]2002
[prize]The Ichimura Prizes in Industry-Meritorious Achievement Prize
[Prize Winner]N. Iwata and others
[Award-Winning Date]2002/4/26

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