Advanced Carbon Nanomaterials

[Post-doctoral Fellow] Nguyen Duc Dung

Basic Information


Ph. D

Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Surface Science Laboratory

Research Fields

Advanced Carbon Nanomaterials

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Academic Background

nanomaterials and devices, electron field emission, flexible and transparent conductors, super-hydrophobic and super-oleophilic surfaces, composites

Work History


Original Papers

[Academic year] 2012-13
[Articles] Superhydrophobic and superoleophilic properties of graphene-based sponges fabricated using a facile dip coating method
[Author] Nguyen et al.
[Date of issue] May 2012
[Journal] Energy & Environmental Science

[Academic year] 2011-12
[Articles] Controlled growth of carbon nanotubes-graphene hybrid materials for flexible and transparent conductors and electron field emitters
[Author] Nguyen et al.
[Date of issue] January 2012
[Journal] Nanoscale

[Academic year] 2010-11
[Articles] Synthesis of ethanol-soluble few-layer graphene nanosheets for flexible and transparent conducting composite films
[Author] Nguyen et al.
[Date of issue] June 2011
[Journal] Nanotechnology

Conference Presentations

[Academic year] 2011-2012
[Academic society]: The International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique and Applications (IUVSTA)
[Speakers] Nguyen et al.
[Date of presentation]: 8 – 11th November 2011


IUVSTA-Elsevier Student Award 2011, Award for Encouragement of Research in Thin Films (at 15th International Conference on Thin Films, 8 – 11th November 2011, Kyoto, Japan)

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