Polymer Physics

[Post-Doctoral Fellow] Daisuke Tahara

Basic Information

Daisuke Tahara


Ph. D. in Human and Environmental Studies

Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Laboratory for Novel Polymer Materials

Research Fields

Polymer Physics



E-mail Address

Academic Background

Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University

Work History

2011-present Post-Doctoral Fellow at Toyota Technological Institute
2009-2011 Visiting Fellow at Ritsumeikan University
2007-2009 Post-Doctoral Fellow at Ritsumeikan University

Membership of Academic Societies

The Society of Polymer Science, Japan

Research Themes

Structural Investigation of CrystallinePolymers by Numerical Calculations

Conference Presentations

[Academic Year]2012
[Academic Society]61st the Society of Polymer Science Japan Annual Meeting, Yokohama, Japan
[Speakers]Daisuke Tahara, Kohji Tashiro
[Date of Presentation]5/30

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