photonic crystal fiber

[Post-Doctoral Fellow] Zhongchao Duan

Basic Information

Zhongchao Duan


Ph. D

Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Optical Functional Materials Laboratory

Research Fields

photonic crystal fiber


E-mail Address

Academic Background

Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Science

Work History

2008-2010, Lecture, Southwest University, China.

Research Themes

High linearity microstructured optical fibers
Composited microstrucuted optical fibers
Ulrtra-flattened dispertion fiber designing
Upconversion lumminesence glass ceramics preparation
Upconversion lumminesence oxyfluoride fiber

Original Papers

[Academic Year]2011
[Articles]Tellurite Composite Microstructured Optical Fibers with Tailored Chromatic Dispersion for Nonlinear Applications.
[Author]Zhongchao Duan、 Meisong Liao、 Xin Yan、 Chihiro Kito、 Takenobu Suzuki、 Yasutake Ohishi
[Date of Issue]2011年7月5日
[journal]Applied Physics Express

[Academic Year]2011
[Articles]Novel Highly Nonlinear Composite Tellurite Microstructured Optical Fibers for SC Generation.
[Author]Zhongchao Duan、 Meisong Liao、 Xin Yan、 Gao Weiqing、 Takenobu Suzuki、 Yasutake Ohishi
[Date of Issue]2011年6月12日
[journal]Access Networks and In-house Communications

[Academic Year]2012
[Articles]Tellurite Composite Microstructured Optical Fibers with Ultra-flattened, Near-zero Dispersion Profile for Nonlinear Applications
[Author]Zhongchao Duan, Meisong Liao, Xin Yan, Takenobu Suzuki, and Yasutake Ohishi
[Date of Issue]2012年5月6日
[journal]CLEO: Applications and Technology

[Academic Year]2012
[Articles]Tellurite composite microstructured optical fibers with ultra-flattened
and zero dispersion
[Author]Zhongchao Duan; Meisong Liao; Kohoutek Tomas; Hoangtuan Tong; Koji Asano; Takenobu Suzuki; Yasutake Ohishi
[Date of Issue]2012年4月25日
[journal]SPIE: Proceedings

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