Optical fiber components

[Post-Doctoral Fellow] Dinghuan Deng

Basic Information

Dinghuan Deng



Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Optical Functional Materials Laboratory

Research Fields

Optical fiber components


Fiber lasers, Photonic crystal fiber, Mid-IR supercontinuum



E-mail Address

Academic Background

Optics, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Work History

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Beckman Laser Institute, University of California, Irvine (2010/11-2011/11)

Research Themes

Ultrafast fiber lasers
Tellurite microstructured fiber
Mid-IR supercontinuum generation

Original Papers

[Academic Year]2008
[Articles]75-femtosecond all-fiber ultrashort pulse laser
[Author]DingHuan Deng, Li Zhan, and YuXing Xia
[Date of Issue]2008/06/29
[journal]Chinese Science Bulletin

[Academic Year]2009
[Articles]55-fs pulse generation without wave-breaking from an all-fiber Erbium-doped ring laser
[Author]Dinghuan Deng, Li Zhan, Zhaochang Gu, Yi Gu, and Yuxing Xia
[Date of Issue]2009/03/03
[journal]Opt. Express

[Academic Year]2010
[Articles]Fabrication and characterization of on-chip optical nonlinear chalcogenide nanofiber devices
[Author]Qiming Zhang, Ming Li, Qiang Hao, Dinghuan Deng, Hui Zhou, Heping Zeng, Li Zhan, Xiang Wu, Liying Liu, and Lei Xu
[Date of Issue]2010/11/15
[journal]Opt. Lett.

[Academic Year]2011
[Articles]70-femtosecond Gaussian pulse generation in a dispersion-managed erbium-doped fiber laser
[Author]Dinghuan Deng, Li Zhan, Zhaochang Gu, Xiao Hu, Shouyu Luo, and Yuxing Xia
[Date of Issue]2011/04/10
[journal]Journal of Modern Optics

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