Seismic energy absorbing device, Shape optimization, CAE

[Post-Doctoral Fellow] Liu Yang

Basic Information

Liu Yang



Laboratory Name

Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Research Fields

Seismic energy absorbing device, Shape optimization, CAE


E-mail Address

Academic Background

Ph.D. degree obtained in Aichi Institute of Technology, Toyota, Japan (2008)

Work History

Post-doctoral fellow in Toyota Technological Institute  (2011/10/1-The present)
Engineer in Sanoh Industrial Co,. Ltd. R&D Center (2008/04/01-2010/07/20)

Research Themes

Shape optimization of the low-yield steel shear panel damper
Shape optimization problem considering material non-linearity
Free-form optimization of shell structures
Node-based bead optimization of plate and shell structure with periodic shape constraint
Shape optimization method for designing the interfaces shape of composite structures

Original Papers

[Academic Year]2012
[Articles]Multi-step Free-form Optimization of Shell Structures
[Author]Yang Liu, Masatoshi Shimoda
[Date of Issue]2012/07/03
[journal]Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Engineering Optimization

[Academic Year]2012
[Articles]Multi-objective Design Optimization of The Low-yield Steel Shear Panel Damper
[Author]Yang Liu, Masatoshi Shimoda
[Date of Issue]2012/07/12
[journal]Proceedings of The 10th World Congress on Computational Mechanics

Conference Presentations

[Academic Year]2011
[Academic Society]The 61st National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
[Speakers]Yang Liu, Masatoshi Shimoda
[Date of Presentation]2012/03/07

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