Easy accessibility of information is essential for serious students and researchers. The library at TTI is a user-friendly and valuable resource for students at the Institute. All books, back numbers of journals and audio-visual materials are arranged for ease of use, using the open stack system. Students can enter the library with a student ID between 7:00am and 12:00pm. Internet access is available to students with their own computers. The searchable library catalogue as well as an online journal database is also accessible over the internet.

Innovators Plaza “t-COMPASS”


Sakichi Toyoda, one of the best known innovators in Japan, dedicated his entire life to social contribution through many inventions. His driving force for creativity brought Toyota into the automotive industry.
His guiding principle was ‘Respect the spirit of research and creativity, and always strive to stay ahead of the times’.  TTI adopted this spirit as the founding philosophy, both in education and in research.
TTI set up Innovators Plaza “t-COMPASS” in the display space of the library. “t-COMPASS” introduces the passion and challenging steps of manufacturing made by world famous inventors, by displaying panels, movies, books, historical materials and so on.  TTI hopes that students will utilize “t-COMPASS” as a compass for their future.

Creativity Development Studios (Eiji-Kōbō)


Mr. Eiji Toyoda, TTI’s founding Board chair, noted that, just as a hospital in a medical school, TTI must have a facility for hands-on education of fabrication technology, As a result, a machine shop was built and used till 2018; it was then reborn as Creativity Development Studios. It is nick-named as Eiji-Kōbō and used for students to learn fabrication methods and to create unique machines of their own; it is also by experts to make research instruments.

Nanotechnology Center : Collaborative Clean Room


To study physics and device applications of advanced materials, such as semiconductors and graphene, the nanometer-scale control of material compositions and device struc- tures is indispensable. TTI provides a group of processing facilities in its Clean Room to promote research on these fields and support researchers both inside and outside of TTI. Facilities are used also for experiential education of undergraduate students.

Library and ICT & Network Center


This Center consists of the Institute Library and ICT & Network Center that operates ICT and Network facilities. To make both the library and the ICT & Network systems dependable, they provide not only daily services but also various actions to upgrade the book collection as well as to implement and evaluate more advanced network systems.

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