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Nature Photonics Research Highlight: Upconversion nanocrystals

Appl. Phys. Express 5, 092601 (2012)


Nature Photonics Research Highlight: Stronger Nanofibres

Stronger Nanofibres

J. Lightwave Technol. 29, 1018–1025 (2011)

Technology review 2010: Scientists and engineers: A vital alliance

Suspended-core fibers have a small solid core with a large gas-filled region; if the core is small enough, it becomes a suspended nanowire, opening the door for interesting nonlinear optical effects. Scientists at Toyota Technological Institute (Nagoya, Japan) used a gas-pressure inflation technique to fabricate a suspended lead-silicate-glass-core nanofiber that has a diameter ratio of holey region to core of at least 62, a core diameter of 480 nm, and a length of several hundred meters (see Fig. 4).