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The entire campus of Toyota Technological Institute will be renewed

The renewal begins in the summer of 2014 and will be completed in 2020

The renewal aims at creating an innovative campus of science and technology, where global techno-industrial leaders of tomorrow are nurtured and R&D outcomes of the world class are born.

The planning of campus renewal has been promoted since 2011, when the 30th anniversary of the opening of Toyota Technological Institute (TTI) was celebrated.
By this renewal we build a center for future-oriented education and research that is ideal to foster global techno-industrial leaders of the next generation.This plan and idea are soon to materialize.

All the buildings will be arranged to create a lively atmosphere and a stimulating environment that activate learnings and knowledge creation.

* A scene seen from the south

Located at the heart of the campus is a pleasant inner courtyard that nestles TTI's symbol tree "Tenju", a great camphor tree.
Around the inner courtyard, the hall, library, cafeteria, and communication spaces are laid out to create a vibrant atmosphere where people easily meet and interact.

A panoramic campus view from the south symbolizes "the open-door policy" of TTI.

On the south slope of our campus hill, a grand building with a tower will be built by making the best use of its open-air atmosphere and elevated location. The view seen from the south will serve as TTI's front face to near-by residents as well as people coming to TTI via "Ai-oi-yama" station on subway "Sakura-dori" line.

Major facilities that help students acquire various competences.

Places to nurture students' autonomy and social adaptability.
Innovative student dormitories

In TTI's student dormitory, eight students form a unit of mutual support for everyday life and study so that the autonomy and social adaptability of every student are better fostered. Another section of the student dormitory is used to accommodate graduate students.

Facilities to develop the creativity of students
Monodzukuri Studio(s) for Creativity Development

Studios and labs, equipped with various machining and testing tools, will be built for students to develop their creativity by cultivating abilities to propose and design new things, skills to really make them and competences to test and evaluate them.


Facilities to develop global mindedness
Toyota-kodai International House (Ti-House)

This House will accommodate mainly guest scholars, post-doctoral fellows and students from overseas, and accept also selected domestic students that will help foreign guests to adapt to Japan.The House cultivates the global mindedness of students and staffs by offering various opportunities to experience the life and culture of overseas; they include a series of international events, intensive English training camp, and a special program to let Japanese students live in the house for some time to experience the life with foreign guests before sending these students overseas for internship or for course studies in foreign institutions.

Facilities for academic conferences, concerts etc.
The Main Hall (tentative)

The Main Hall in which international conferences can be held will be built near the main gate as one of TTI's symbols. Through its wide-open window, the Hall is visually connected with the courtyard and provides an amiable space, making the Hall an integral part of the campus.


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