Student Life

International Atmosphere


Interaction among students, faculty members and staffs from various countries around the world helps provide TTI with a rich environment for increasing global understanding and awareness.
Exchange of ideas with international colleagues promotes a high level of scholarship needed in making advances in research on a global level.

Out-of-class Activities


Sports and cultural clubs active on campus give students at TTI the opportunity to nurture a healthy body and mind. In addition to regular year-round activities, every September students put on a two day festival with food and entertainment. Also, out-of-class activities such as cherry blossom viewing and nature hikes give students a chance to interact with each other in an informal setting.


TTI has two student dormitories which offer its students an excellent study environment and financial support.

Places to nurture students' autonomy and social adaptability.
Innovative student dormitories

In TTI's student dormitory, eight students form a unit of mutual support for everyday life and study so that the autonomy and social adaptability of every student are better fostered. Another section of the student dormitory is used to accommodate graduate students.

Facilities to develop global mindedness
Toyota-kodai International House (Ti-House)


This House will accommodate mainly guest scholars, post-doctoral fellows and students from overseas, and accept also selected domestic students that will help foreign guests to adapt to Japan.The House cultivates the global mindedness of students and staffs by offering various opportunities to experience the life and culture of overseas; they include a series of international events, intensive English training camp, and a special program to let Japanese students live in the house for some time to experience the life with foreign guests before sending these students overseas for internship or for course studies in foreign institutions.

Guidance and Assistance


The size of our school enables us to provide one-on-one guidance and assistance in both academic and daily life. At TTI we are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our international community and their families.

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