Materials Science and Engineering Laboratories

Energy Materials Laboratory

Basic Information


Professor Tsunehiro Takeuchi / Associate Professor Masaharu Matsunami / Etsuko Nomura / Yumi Matsumoto / Akio Yamamoto / Yuexing Chen / Satoshi Hiroi / Koichi Kitahara


Development of functional materials leading to sustainable low-carbon society

In the Energy Materials Laboratory, we develop functional materials, such as thermoelectric materials, thermal diodes, and high-Tc superconductors. These materials lead to low sustainable low-carbon society. For these studies, we are using detailed analyses on electronic structure both from experiments and theoretical calculations.

Research Themes

Development of high performance thermoelectric materials using solely of ubiquitous elements
Development of thermal rectifier usable at high temperatures
Investigation into the origin of high critical temperature of curate superconductor


[Sample preparation]
Arc furnace
Planetary ball milling
Induction furnace
Single role melt spinning
RF sputtering
Three-zones furnace
Box furnaces
Vacuum furnaces
[Evaluation of sample quality]
XRD for powder and thin film
Differential scanning calorimetry
Differential thermal analysis
Thermogravimetric Analysis
Digital optical-microscope
[Transport properties measurement]
Physical property measurement system for electrical resistivity, Hall coefficient, magneto-resistance, Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity, specific heat, magnetic susceptibility
Seebeck coefficient measurement system
Laser flash thermal conductivity measurement system
High tempera electrical resistivity measurement system
Thermal conductivity measurement system for thin film
[Electronic structure analyses]
Photoemission spectroscopy (XPS, UPS)

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