Research Activity

Although TTI has a history of only 40 years, it has already been recognized as one of the world's leading academic institutions in research. It now has three research centers supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), as well as projects running with significantly large grants supported by MEXT and other government agencies.


Toyota Central R&D Laboratories


  • Research Center for
    Smart Vehicles
    Director. Masatoshi Shimoda
  • Advanced Research Infrastructure for
    Materials and Nanotechnology in Japan
    Project Manager. Minoru Sasaki
  • Research Center for
    Smart Energy Technologies
    Director. Yoshio Ohshita
  • Investigation into unusual
    behaviors in electron and
    lattice thermal conductivity(CREST)
    Director. Tsunehiro Takeuchi
  • Research Center for
    Smart Photons and Materials
    Director. Yasutake Ohishi
  • Microscopic imaging systems utilizing
    ultrafast infrared lasers:development
    and application for life science(CREST)
    Director. Takao Fuji
  • Research Center for
    Smart Information Technology
    Director. Norimichi Ukita
  • Research and Development of
    Vehicle-Integrated PV Module
    Director. Yoshio Ohshita
  • Center for
    Next Generation Civilization
    Director. Yoichiro Murakami
    Emeritus Professor, The University of Tokyo, ICU

TTI at Chicago(TTIC)

TTI has a unique system of programs that offer various means of support and encouragement, enabling its faculty and researchers to carry out cutting-edge research in the fields of science and engineering.

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