Mechanical Systems Engineering Laboratories

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Heat and Energy System Laboratory

Development of new energy conversion system with high efficiency and low pollutant emission, including the utilization of renewable energy sources

Fluid Engineering Laboratory

Optical diagnostics of complicated flow phenomena and development of the actuators for flow control

Solid Mechanics Laboratory

Optimizing structural “forms” based on solid and computational mechanics, and developing theories and applications

Design Engineering Laboratory

Computer Aided Design for Future Product

Innovative Machine Laboratory

Studies on mechanical devices and working methods to create and measure precision products

Micro-Nano Mechatronics Laboratory

Small valuable devices : Micro-/nano-machines and related technology

Electronics and Information Engineering Laboratories

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Semiconductor Laboratory

Research and development of high efficiency solar cells and materials for the new clean energy source in the next generation

Functional Semiconductor Devices Laboratory


Laser Science Laboratory

Research and development of ultrafast lasers and measurement technologies

Spintronics laboratory

Creating new functional spin materials and devices

Control System Laboratory

Development of advanced control theory for realizing high-performance control of complicated dynamical systems

Computational Intelligence Laboratory

Understanding human intelligence and creating artificial intelligence

Intelligent Information Media Laboratory

Intelligent information systems by multimedia processing such as computer vision, pattern recognition, and machine learning

Knowledge and Data Engineering Laboratory


Materials Science and Engineering Laboratories

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Optical Functional Materials Laboratory

Studies on photonics materials and devices to control lightwave

Frontier Materials Laboratory

A better understanding of glass structure and optical properties for developing high-performance photonic devices

Energy Materials Laboratory

Development of functional materials leading to sustainable low-carbon society

Theoretical Physics Laboratory

Spontaneous symmetry breaking in string theory

Mathematical Physics Laboratory

Construction of black hole solutions and elucidation of its mathematical structure

Quantum Interface Laboratory

Fundamental studies and applications of opto/electronic/chemical properties of surfaces and interfaces of quantum structures

Surface Science Laboratory

Atomic-scale characterization and fabrication of material surfaces for development of future functional nanomaterials

Polymer Chemistry Laboratory

Development of new synthetic methods of macromolecules based on precise arrangement of atoms and molecules and exploration of their functions

Catalytic Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Our objective is the development of novel and efficient transformations of organic molecules on the basis of organometallic chemistry.

Functional Ceramics Laboratory

Processing of highly functional oxide materials based on solid state chemistry

Division of General Education

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Social Science(Psychology)



We help students develop their thinking and dialogical-interactive skills.


Our laboratory is responsible for English Education.


The study of English education +α through Culture Training in the English Classes for Students Majoring in Engineering

Health and Sport Sciences

Promote mental and physical growth by deepening understanding about health and physical fitness



Division of Support for Education and Research

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Monodzukuri Science Laboratory


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