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Surface Science Laboratory

Basic Information


Professor Masamichi Yoshimura / Associate Professor Masanori Hara


Atomic-scale characterization and fabrication of material surfaces for development of future functional nanomaterials

The goal of the atomic-scale characterization and fabrication of material surfaces is to design and develop new functional nanomaterials.
Using state-of-the-art scanning probe techniques with carbon nanotubes tips, we explore research areas including epitaxy, catalysis, biotechnology and
future electronics.

Research Themes

Characterization and fabrication of surface nanostructures using high-resolution scanning probe microscopy
Synthesis and application of nanocarbon materials
Development of high-efficiency catalyst materials
Development of functional devices for biomedical applications



Nanoscale characterization of material surfaces using multiprobe microscopy

Carbon nanotube probe (left:SEM, right:TEM)

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