Nanoscale Surface Science

[Professor] Masamichi Yoshimura

Basic Information

Masamichi Yoshimura


Ph. D

Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Surface Science Laboratory

Research Fields

Nanoscale Surface Science


scanning probe microscopy, carbon nanomaterials, metal/semiconductor interfaces, nanoscale physics


E-mail Address

Academic Background

Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo

Work History

Professor at Toyota Technological Institute (2009-Present)
Visiting Researcher at Lawrence Berkelery National Laboratory(2000-2001)
Associate Professor at Toyota Technological Institute (1995-2009)
Associate Professor at Hiroshima University (1992-1995)
Assistant Professor at Univ of Tokyo (1989-1992)

Membership of Academic Societies

・Chief Editor of Japan Society of Surface Science (2011-Present)
・Head of Chubu-Branch of Japan Society of Surface Science (2010-Present)
・JSPS 167 Committee (Nanoprobe Technology) (1998-Present)
・Editor of Jpn J. Applied Phys.(1998-2000)
・American Vacuum Society, Japanese Society of Applied Physics, The Physical Society of Japan

Research Themes

High resolution SPM using CNT-probes
Fabrication and application of carbon nanomaterials
Growth of matals on semiconductor surfaces
Nanoscale surface modification for life science and smart energy

Original Papers

Mechanical and electronic characteristics of scanning probe microscopy probes based on coaxial palladium nanowire/carbon nanotube hybrid structures
[Author]Ian Clark、 Gemma Rius、 Yuki Matsuoka
[Date of Issue]2010/11
[journal]J. Vac. Sci. Tech. B28(6) (2010) 1148-1152.

[Academic Year]2009
[Articles]Evolution of Ge nanoislands on Si(110)-'16 × 2' surface under thermal annealing studied using STM
[Author]Subhashis Gangopadhyay、 Masamichi Yoshimura
[Date of Issue]2009
[journal]Nanotechnology 20 (2009) 475401.

[Academic Year]2005
[Articles]Microwave Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Carbon Nanostructures using Biological Molecules
[Author]Masamichi Yoshimura、 K. Tanaka、 K. Ueda
[Date of Issue]2005
[journal]J. Appl. Phys. 44 (2005) 1562-1563.

[Academic Year]2001
[Articles]Observation of the Si(100)"1x2"-Ba surface by scanning tunneling microscopy
[Author]Kaoru Ojima、 Masamichi Yoshimura、 Kazuyuki Ueda
[Date of Issue]2002/2/15
[journal]Phys. Rev. B65 (2001) 075408.

[Academic Year]2000
[Articles]Elemental structure in Si(110)-"16×2" revealed by scanning tunneling microscopy
[Author]Toshu An、 Masamichi Yoshimura、 Izumi Ono、 Kazuyuki Ueda
[Date of Issue]2000
[journal]Phys. Rev. B61 (2000) 3006-3011.


[Academic Year]2010
[Articles]Characterization of surface properties of nanomaterials by scanning probe microscopy
[Author]M. Yoshimura
[Date of Issue]2010/4


[Academic Year]2007
[Books]"Probe Technology" in Roadmap of Scanning Probe Microsopy (Springer)
[Author/Editor]M. Yoshimura/S. Morita

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