Electrochemistry, Surface Science, Spectroscopy

[Associate Professor] Masanori Hara

Basic Information


Ph.D (Engineering)

Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Surface Science Laboratory

Research Fields

Electrochemistry, Surface Science, Spectroscopy


fuel cell, water electrolyser, Raman spectroscopy, FTIR, in-situ measurement



E-mail Address

Academic Background

Tohoku University

Work History

Jülich research center (Germany), Tokyo metropolitan university, University of Yamanashi

Membership of Academic Societies

The Electrochemical Society of Japan, The Surface Science Society of Japan, The Japan Society of Applied Physics, American Chemical Society, The Electrochemical Society

Research Themes

Developement of nanocarbon supported IrO2 catalysts for water electrolyzer.
Synthesis of heteroatom-doped graphene for anode of direct-type fuel cells.
Growth of nanocarbon marerials with ordered structure for battery electrodes.
Developement of in situ analysis methods for the electrochemical reaction on electrode materials.

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