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Research Center for Smart Vehicles


Established in 2010
Director : Professor Yutaka Sasaki

Research Outline

We are conducting R&D on systems that assist safe, environment-friendly driving for elderly persons or learner drivers. Specifically, we have been developing computer-based technologies to detect various targets (e.g., pedestrians, vehicles, roads, white lines on the roads) and recognize the complex environment around vehicles based on data obtained through video cameras, laser scanners, the global positioning system, and other sensors. Objective of research project is to implement vehicles with functions for giving warnings, accelerating/decelerating/stopping vehicles, avoiding obstacles in hazardous situations, and finding optimal routes automatically.


[Computational Intelligence Laboratory]
Professor Yutaka Sasaki
Associate Professor Makoto Miwa

[Electromagnetic Energy System Laboratory]
Professor Keisuke Fujisaki

[Intelligent Information Media Laboratory]
Professor Norimichi Ukita

[(Research Center for Smart Vehicles)]
Senior Research Scholar Seiichi Mita
Assistant Professor Vijay John

Research Themes

Recognition of the environment around vehicles
Autonomous driving technologies



Experimental Car for Adopting Driving Data

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