Material Science and Engineering, Photonics

[Associate Professor] Takenobu Suzuki

Basic Information

Takenobu Suzuki


Doctor of Engineering

Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Optical Functional Materials Laboratory

Research Fields

Material Science and Engineering, Photonics


Academic Background

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Enginnering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Work History

Associate Professor, Toyota Technological Institute (Jan 2007-)
Visited Research Fellow, Japan Fine Ceramic Center (Jan 2007-Mar 2007)
Research Fellow, Japan Fine Ceramic Center (Apr 2006-Dec 2006)
PD Fellow, Toyota Technological Institute (Apr 2003-Mar 2006)
Aisin seiki (Apr 2002-Mar 2003)

Membership of Academic Societies

・Japan Society of Applied Physics
・Ceramic Soceity of Japan
・Optical Society of America
・American Ceramic Society
・Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

Research Themes

Preparation of novel transparent oxyfluoride glass-ceramics
Development of novel glass gain media for solar-pumped fiber laser
Energy transfer analysis of Tb3+-Yb3+ co-doped glasses for up-conversion green lasers
Optical propeties of transition metal-doped MgGa2O4 singe crystals prepared by floting zone method

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