1. Dual degree Program (Master)

Activities by NCHU students

TTI offers a Dual Degree Program through an agreement with two universities,National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan and Hannam Universitiy in Korea.
This is a joint academic program allowing participating students to be granted a degree by each university after completion.

2. Graduate Program (Internship)

Field Search

All the first-year students at the graduate school must enter this program. The program consists of various activities.
This is not only a program for research in an applicable field, but also a program in which students must participate in conferences and meetings at various levels where discussions is required.
Through this experience, we would like students to cultivate skills for issue resolution and to reinforce the foundation of their research.


The internship program in the graduate school aims to improve problem-solving skills for students, based on a practical curriculum.
This program also offers students the opportunity for better understanding and increasing their foresight into technical needs, and creating new interdisciplinary fields.

3. Online lectures

TTI conducts two online-lectures in collaborative with two universities in abroad.
The faculty at TTI at Chicago (USA) offers master students real-time courses.
National Chung Hsing University (Taiwan) and TTI has have a dual-degree program. The faculty at NCHU and TTI are responsible for 4 classes each, which are common courses for both universities.

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