Solid state physics, Physical metallurgy,

[Professor] Tsunehiro Takeuchi

Basic Information

Tsunehiro Takeuchi


Ph.D in Engineering

Date of birth


Laboratory Name

Energy Materials Laboratory

Research Fields

Solid state physics, Physical metallurgy,


Thermoelectric materials, Thermal rectifier, High Tc superconductor, ARPES

E-mail Address

Academic Background

1996/03/25 Ph. D. in Engineering, Department of Crystalline Materials Science, Nagoya University

Work History

1995/04/01-1996/03/31 JSPS Research Fellow, DC2
JSPS Research Fellow, PD
1996/04/01-1997/03/31 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory, United States
1996/05/01-1997/02/28 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States
1997/04/01-2002/10/30 Research Associate, Nagoya University
2002/11/01-2007/03/31 Assistant Professor, Nagoya University
2009/04/01-2013/12/31 Associate Professor, Nagoya University
2014/01/01-present Principal Professor, Toyota Technological Institute

Membership of Academic Societies

Member of Physical Society of Japan
Member of the Japan Society of Applied Physics (a program committee member)
Member of the Japan Institute of Metal (a journal editor)
Member of the The Thermoelectrics Society of Japan (a member of board of direction)
Member of American Physical Society
Member of the Materials Research Society of Japan
Member of the Japanese Society of Synchrotron Radiation Research

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